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Marble tile

Marble tiles are new type of tile after ceramic tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, and microcrystalline tiles. Marble tiles in the texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects almost have same realistic effect of natural marble. Decorative effect is even better than natural stone.Marble tiles with realistic decorative effects and superior practical performance become the favor of consumers, has become one of the main products in the tile field.

Our marble tile sourcing covers various of types:

According to space classification:

Kitchen tiles, living room tiles, dining room tiles, balcony tiles, bathroom tiles, study room tiles, bedroom tiles, wall tiles, stairwell tiles

According to functional classification:

Anti-slip bricks, wear-resistant bricks, anti-fouling bricks, high-strength bricks, easy-to-clean bricks, waterproof bricks, oil-resistant bricks, easy-care tiles, scratch-resistant tiles, frost-resistant tiles, non-fading tiles

According to the production process:

Mainly divided into glazed bricks, unglazed bricks, whole body bricks.

There are glazed tiles: on the surface of the body is applied ceramic glaze medium such as zirconium white glaze, protective glaze, transparent glaze.

Unglazed bricks: Porcelain bricks without any type of glaze or bare-burned cover is directly on the surface of the blank;

Whole brick: tiled ceramic blanks are glazed and unglazed tiles that are colored by fabrics, osmotic processes, etc.


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