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How to import cars from China

Updated: Mar 11

Do you want to purchase a car from China market by minimum cost?

Do you want to bring a car you owned in China back to your country?

Do you want to begin a new exciting business of importing cars, both new and used from China? China is largest car manufacturer in the world.

We are ready and glad to help you with all questions you may have about importing cars from China.

China just begin to export large quantity cars from 2019. We are authorized car export from China which is exporting both new and used cars from China. We can export any types of cars ,trucks if available at China market. If you own a car in China and want to bring it back to your country, our company can help you deal with all export files issue.

When you want to import a car from China to your country, with our help, your cost is clear and transparent ! For each car, your cost is

lowest China domestic market price+shipping charge+car export file.

you can easily know our domestic car price from any domestic car trade platform, for shipment, you can also easily find any shipping company for it, usually 20GP/car. When you consider to import cars from China, most important issue is official car export license and export file, our company would like help you to deal with it by necessary cost

Any question about importing cars, don’t hesitate to let us know, we are glad to answer you with free consultancy.

Contact us: Wechat +86 153 1720 8039 contact@sourcingshanghai.com www.sourcingshanghai.com

How to import cars from China
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