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Cars/Construction Machinery/aviation product

Offer the one-stop sourcing services of new and used car, construction machinery, drone and aviation products, industrial burners, building material and furniture .Our sourcing service covers all detail works of whole purchasing process: select potential suppliers, identify qualified suppliers or factories, translating, factory visiting, price negotiation, and the cargo shipping arrangement and so on. We are sure you can get the maximum profit margins from our service.



We will reply to your product sourcing enquiry in 24 hours 

identify suppliers

We will find potential suppliers or factories for you. Finally identify qualified suppliers for you. 



Obtain quotes from suppliers, contract details: price, delivery time,conditions...

quality control

Factory audit

Product Specifications
Compliance testing
Product inspection





Packaging inspection

Shipping plan

Clearance documents

Shipment tracking

We Do All Detail Things

Our sourcing service is involved into whole process of sourcing from selecting suppliers, factory audit,  factory visit and meeting, negotiation and contract,production inspection, order monitoring and logistics support. Our goal is to make China sourcing; simple, fast and cost effective.

Identify qualified suppliers:

If you are looking for building material, furniture ,office supplies or hotel supplies, there are thousands of suppliers for one product on the platform. with our experience, you can easily pick out qualified suppliers.

Factory visit, quote, negotiation and contract:

One project, one sourcing project manager from us to make sure meet any detail requirement from you. Our team goes over your requirements, product specification, technical specification and delivery requirement.  Review all the order’s data, including product’s technical information, production plan and overall lead time. The purpose is to assess that no information is left unverified and that the manufacturer has a clear understanding of the order’s quality requirements and potential pitfalls.

All inspections before shipment: 

We take all inspection tasks before shipment: 
Factory&supplier audit: Factory production capacity, size and location,
business license and export license,Compliance to national standards,Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001).

Order Monitoring and product inspection: 
Visit factory regular based on your requirement, inspection production process: delivery time, product quality, raw materials,Lab testing and compliance testing

Shipping plan, tracking, inspection and support:
Packaging inspection, shipping plan, container load inspection, clearance documents, delivery tracking. 

Why choose us


When you choose us, it means  more efficient,  easier, and more reliable. All of our project manager are with bilingual language background to make sure communication is in time . 


We are a sourcing company. We focuses on value-added services and  our service are paid solely by the buyer. In each sourcing project, our service pay is transparent.


What we obtain is depended on how much efforts we contribute to our customer. More is our customer's profit margin,  More we obtain

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